Historical Tipping Point: Trump Tower in Russia

The historical tipping point is now. Although it is just a matter of time to convince people, Buzzfeed breaks out the major solid evidence that Trump commits obstruction of justice about his and his family’s involvement in the Russia Trump tower.

Reference: Trump hits back at Buzzfeed report he ‘instructed lawyer to lie’


Mitch McConnell Objects to Open the US Government in Senate

At 7:11 minute of the enclosed video, you can clear hear that Senator Mitchell O’Connor objects to open the US Government. I wonder why people are not asking him to pass the motion to open the government?!

In addition, the report is as clear as crystal that

  • Trump denied House Speaker’s overseas visit but allowed Malinda to spend $50,000 to take government plan to Florida for non-government trip.
  • Trump disclose classified House Speaker’s trip that would leave her in danger.
  • House Speaker is required to take government aircraft after 9/11, not civilian aircraft. (And, it appears that many people and journalists do not know it.)

I am shocked how the reporter is so clam, while I feel my heart were about to explode.

The White House Smells Like Hamberders

Who is the fake news authority? US is like a reality TV show with White House chaos every day. From 300 hamburgers to 1000 hamburders, this president can never stop lying. People put this con artist in power with no chance to sue him and even give him a chance to pardon himself. He is influenced by and acts in the interest of Russia by surrendering power to it in Afghanistan, Syria, and NATO. Politicians leech on him closely, because they are hungry for his power. They help him to dis-mental, even shut down the US government, and leave government employee families in dire situation. This is essentially 0 credibility and 0 accountability.

The Psychology Behind Donald Trump’s Unwavering Support

This 2016 article answers all of questions about Trump and his supporters. I would highly recommend it. In summary, the following four are the answers. This is the biggest challenge to democracy in our history.

  1. The Dunning-Kruger Effect
  2. Hypersensitivity to Threat
  3. Terror Management Theory
  4. High Attentional Engagement

Reference: The Psychology Behind Donald Trump’s Unwavering Support

Which Languages Are Hardest to Learn?

Just in case you’re thinking of taking up a second language soon, language-learning website Voxy put together this handy infographic breaking down which languages are hardest for English speakers to learn.

Reference: Which Languages Are Hardest to Learn? This Infographic Has Your Answer

Stores search for ways to fight the online tide

… instead of acting dumbfounded by customers’ defecting to online sites, retailers have finally put in place technology that links their online stores with their physical stores. They’re also trying to make their stores more fun.

Reference: Stores search for ways to fight the online tide

MIT’s automated machine learning works 100x faster than human data scientists

An automated machine learning platform called Auto Tune Models (ATM) from MIT and Michigan State University uses cloud-based, on-demand computing to speed data analysis. -MIT and Michigan State University, 2017
ATM was able to deliver a solution better than the one humans had come up with 30% of the time, and could do this 100x faster. -MIT and Michigan State University, 2017

Reference: MIT’s automated machine learning works 100x faster than human data scientists