Why I Outsourced Application Development to China

This is a pretty good article about IT outsourcing to China. Highlights of this article are

Despite the due diligence, problems arose. While the Chinese developers had excellent written English, verbal communication was “a bit more of a challenge,” says Lee. Team leads were fluent, but the message could get distorted on its way to the right programmers in what became a tedious game of long-distance telephone, particularly if the process being coded was complex. Continue reading


Open Source IP PBX Saves Serious Cash for Michigan CAT

Caterpillar switched its IP PBX to open source. The cost is reduced from 300k/400k to 150k with the following benefit.

Overall the savings vs alternatives and the flexibility to add new custom capabilities over time make the choice seem obvious in retrospect, says Scott McCrea, CIO for the firm, which is a statewide dealership for Caterpillar (CAT) heavy equipment.

Beyond savings, Asterisk is already providing richer features than the aging Avaya system it replaced. Call records are more detailed, making it possible to keep track of how many calls go unanswered for a certain period and then to design routing schemes to distribute calls to different sites if the wait is too long. “The goal is to make everybody more efficient and diminish call waiting times,” he says.