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What’s So Great About Spiceworks?

I have been very impressed by the open source IT network management tools such as Zenoss and Nagios in the past. This week, the NetworkWorld publishes another network management tool, Spiceworks, which is highly recommended by IT managers, directors, and executives around the world. The CIO magazine recites the NetworkWorld news at this link. I am very moved and impressed by the comments made by IT administrators in the news article. These products really push the power of open source software beyond commercial ones. Here is a sample of comments mentioned in the article and you are encouraged to check it out yourself. Continue reading


My comment of Oracle Warehouse Builder 11gR2

I recently took a training of the Oracle ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading) tool, called Oracle Warehouse Builder. The version of the training I took is 11gR2. I took the training, because of my data warehouse and business intelligence project for a company. The company has been using Oracle production for 95% of its applications so it is a nature fit to use the Oracle ETL tool for the project. Besides, its DBAs know only Oracle so there are really not many options available for the company to consider other ETL tools in the market, because most ETL tools use Java technology instead of traditional SQL commands. Oracle Warehouse Builder is probably the only ETL tool based on SQL commands.

Overall, I still prefer Talend to the Oracle Warehouse Builder.

I mentioned Talend in my previous blogs. It is an open source ETL tool based on Java and Perl technology. It makes the ETL process extremely easy to design, implement, deploy, and monitor with 1/10 of the cost of the Oracle Warehouse Builder, if you consider the cost of the Talend’s commercial version.

On the contrary, the Oracle Warehouse Builder makes the same task extremely complicated to implement. Its GUI interface also has a lot of bugs not being fixed. I really would not recommend people to use it unless (1) they have to use Oracle and (2) they know only SQL commands. It appears that the Foster Research’s analysts do not really understand the product in its industrial reviews.