9% failure rate, if MOOC is combined with on-campus education

Free online MIT courses are an education revolution

“If you combine online with in-person, you get the best of both worlds. You don’t have to drag students to a lecture at 8 am, they can learn at their own pace. Yet they can still get in-person help from the professor when they come to class. This type of model can be very successful. When our blended circuits and electronics course was taught at San José State University in California, outcomes were staggeringly good. Traditionally, about 40 per cent of the students fail the class; this time, the failure rate fell to 9 per cent.”

This caught my eyes. I attended a few MOOC classes in the past but quit doing it for a few months. It was due to poor quality of some classes, which I discussed in my previous posting. It appears combining MOOC with on-campus classes could help some of the problems, if we look at the 9% failure rate. On the other hand, it could be a marketing boost to those ivy-league universities. MOOC classes are not really free, if on-campus classes becomes a requirement for a degree!


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