PCAST Smart Cities

President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology discusses Big Data as it relates to Smart Cities

CUSP is a public-private research center that uses New York City as both its laboratory and classroom.  CUSP is leading the emerging field of “Urban Informatics.”  Koonin spoke about the rationale for this new field and provided suggestions for a national program:

  • The encouragement of data sharing across government functions and with the private sector;
  • Data standards need to be defined;
  • Privacy research and regulation must be furthered;
  • Funding;
  • Cross disciplinary training in undergraduate and graduate programs must occur;
  • Partnerships must be formed;
  • Urban Informatics Research needs to have a “home.”

Sir Alan Wilson spoke about the Future of Cities Project and Science of Cities and Regions in the United Kingdom.  For the Future of Cities Project, Sir Wilson will be looking at the system of United Kingdom cities and some demonstrator cities to answer some Big Questions, such as: What makes a successful city? His work aims to build theories to help all cities in the future.


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