2014 Gartner Magic Quadrants for Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

Gartner has announced 2014 magic quadrants for both business intelligence and advanced analytics. Check them out.

Business Intelligence


Advanced Analytics


Data Integration




This Man’s Stunning Photographs of His Daughter Left Us Speechless

Artists around the world have long been inspired by the works of Old Masters like Rembrandt, Raphael and Vermeer. Emulating their style has never been easy, especially in photography. When Australian photographer Bill Gekas wanted to recreate the style through his photographs, he chose to feature his five-year-old daughter as the subject.

Reference: This Man’s Stunning Photographs of His Daughter Left Us Speechless

35 Hilarious Chinese Translation Fails

China is fascinating, and visiting it is bound to leave you with some amazing impressions. Sometimes, however, the English-speaking guests might have some difficulties finding their way around the country. Due to poor English knowledge and clumsy translation, signs that are supposed to help you out, only end up causing outbursts of unstoppable laughter!

Reference: 35 Hilarious Chinese Translation Fails

74,476 Reasons You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza

One day last year, an engineer and I went to a pizza place for lunch. The engineer told me he wasn’t very hungry, but he said he was going to get the 12-inch medium instead of the 8-inch small — because the medium was more than twice as big as the small, and it cost only a little bit more. This sort of blew my mind.

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You’d think it’s just a guy randomly walking in the snow, but look from above and… WOW!

You probably never heard of Simon Beck before, but after seeing what he’s able to create just walking for ours on the snow, his name will probably be imprinted in your memory forever.

At a first glance these photos may look like he is just a man who loves to walk in the mountains, but reality is that Simon is an incredible artist and walks following a precise scheme in order to create unbelievable patterns on the snow.

It takes hours and hours of walking with snowshoes to create his incredible pieces of art, and the amazing thing is that a snowfall or strong winds can completely erase his hard work the following day.

The photos you are going to see in this gallery will totally blow your mind. If you are eager to see more of the stunning art works by Simon Beck, just take a look at his Facebook page.

Reference: You’d think it’s just a guy randomly walking in the snow, but look from above and… WOW!

This Artist Brilliantly Captures Our Nerdy Childhood

Playing pretend never gets old. When we’re adults, we tend to limit it to daydreaming, but when we’re kids? We interact with our environment and pretend to be our heroes and favorite characters. Tree branches become lightsabers, or a trash can becomes a perfect substitute for R2-D2′s body. Everything is about playing. Artist Craig Davison captures those moments perfectly with his shadow series.

Reference: This Artist Brilliantly Captures Our Nerdy Childhood

21 Amazing Hotels You Need To Visit Before You Die

Take a look at some of the most amazing hotels in the world. Not everyone can afford holiday in one of these locations, however most of us would love to spend quality time with family or friends in these places. You might want to stay in the room underwater or perhaps enjoy your breakfast from the cave facing the sea. Everyone will find something interesting.

Reference: 21 Amazing Hotels You Need To Visit Before You Die