Is ETL Development doomed?

This is a pretty good article about tools to automate the ETL development process. Here is a list of tools covered:

  • AnalytixDS Mapping Manager
  • Varigence MIST (leveraging the open source BIML)
  • Dimodelo Architect
  • BIReady
  • Wherescape RED

I am quiet impressed with the BIReady. However, they do not imply you could close your eyes when doing your ETL. You still need to understand what these tools are doing so you can maintain your data. Check them out if you are interested.

Reference: Is ETL Development doomed?



  1. Hi Joseph,
    While BIReady does not mean doing the job with your eyes closed(!) it does automate a lot more of your data warehouse that many of the other data warehouse automation tools mentioned. Most importantly, BIReady designs your target EDW (in 3NF or Data Vault) as well as your star-schema data marts.
    All the best!


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