Financial Infidelity

Check out the power of numbers and the great comment from the writer!

One-third of adults who combine finances with a partner or spouse have committed financial infidelity.

The survey, conducted for the National Endowment for Financial Education, found that of those who said they had cheated, three in ten hid cash, a purchase, a statement or bill, or even a bank account from their significant other. And 13% engaged in more-significant deceptions, such as lying about how much they earn or what they owe.

… What may surprise you, however, is that fights about money lead to divorce more often than disagreements about chores, in-laws, spending time together or even sex, according to research by Utah State University professor Jeffrey Dew, an expert in money and family relationships. “Money brings about these intense arguments,” says Dew. People who disagree about finances almost every day are 69% more likely to divorce than those who never or rarely argue about money, Dew has found.

… But most couples can address financial infidelity with Klontz’s four-step process, which he calls SAFE. … “Speak the truth” … “Agree to a plan” … “Follow the agreement” … “Establish an emergency plan” …



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