Microsoft Buying Revolution Analytics For Deeper Data Analysis

I do not know whether this is a good news or not. R has been one of my favorite tools in BI and data analytics. I like the open source development environment of R. It has made R to be one of the most successful tool for both business and academy. Revolution Analytics has further enhanced the tool to support IDE, servers, and parallel processing. R has a lot of exciting progress in the past few years.

For Microsoft, it has been providing the 2nd best software in the past. Not until, it enhanced and focused on the development of its strongest product, SQL Server. It started to pay more attention to open source development these years and embrace it more than Oracle does. Examples include Codeplex, and free e-books, and on demand training to really open up its user market.

Microsoft indeed has been weak in Business Analytics, because its solution remains complicated and limited creativity. So, the business decision to buy Revolution Analytics makes sense to Microsoft. I just hope Revolution Analytics will be able to continue its research and development, and continue to support open source version of its products to benefit academic research.

Reference: Microsoft Buying Revolution Analytics For Deeper Data Analysis


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