Apache Hadoop is Just a Platform!

A very interesting observation!

Apache Hadoop is a platform modeled after Google released some papers on it’s own architecture. At it’s core it provides two things:

  • A Relatively Cheaper Storage Alternative
  • An MPP style processing platform that runs on stock hardware

While at it’s core, Apache Hadoop has only few components including it’s common utilities, the HDFS file system and the MapReduce infrastructure, there are too many Hadoop related projects such as HBase, Pig, Chukwa, Ambari, Hive, Cassandra, Spark, Tez, Sqoop and many more keep getting added. Not only do each of these projects have their own purposes and use cases, they tend to compete with each other at times too. Just look at the proliferation of SQL on Hadoop options.

… So, can we move our complete Data Warehouse to the Apache Hadoop platform?

And, the answer as usual is … “It depends”.

It really depends on your use cases. You can certainly use Hadoop as a platform to store your data and I would bet, that for over 90% of use cases, it would work.

However, you would still need to do actual data modeling and organizing of areas and all the other stuff related to data warehousing.

Reference: Apache Hadoop is Just a Platform!


A Rare Interview With Graphic Design Legend Massimo Vignelli

From 2006, the late designer shares the story behind his infamous New York subway map and why typographic elegance will prevail.

Reference: A Rare Interview With Graphic Design Legend Massimo Vignelli

11 American Behaviors That Are Considered Rude Around the World

Just because you’ve mastered the art of not looking like an uncultured, uncouth slob in your country doesn’t mean those skills translate to the rest of the world. In fact, many things considered innocuous or even polite where you’re from might raise (or sternly lower) eyebrows in other parts of the world. With that in mind, here are 11 behaviors that are widely viewed as acceptable in the United States but considered rude in other corners of the globe.

I would add sitting with legs crossed, and, sometimes, chewing gums in a ceremony.

Reference: 11 American Behaviors That Are Considered Rude Around the World

A New Series of Water-Activated Illustrations and Games on Seattle Sidewalks

Famous for its notoriously rainy weather, Seattle is the perfect home for this new series of water-activated interactive artworks, illustrations, and hidden messages that only appear when wet. Titled Rainworks, the invisible pieces by Seattle-based artist Peregrine Church started popping up last year. Each installation is made from an environmentally safe, water-repellant coating that lasts anywhere from 4 months to a year.

Reference: A New Series of Water-Activated Illustrations and Games on Seattle Sidewalks

Free Data Mining Books

Both articles provide the same list of free data mining books.


Learning Path on R – Step by Step Guide to Learn Data Science on R

One of the common problems people face in learning R is lack of a structured path. They don’t know, from where to start, how to proceed, which track to choose? Though, there is an overload of good free resources available on the Internet, this could be overwhelming as well as confusing at the same time.

After digging through endless resources & archives,  here is a comprehensive Learning Path on R to help you learn R from ‘the scratch’. This will help you learn R quickly and efficiently. Time to have fun while lea-R-ning!

Reference: Learning Path on R – Step by Step Guide to Learn Data Science on R

Introduction slides to Linked Open Data

Slides to explain Linked Open Data publishing and reuse, explaining data, open data, linked data and linked open data.

Reference: Introduction slides to Linked Open Data