Diamonds Are a Marriage Counselor’s Best Friend

This podcast is quite interesting. Here is a list of interesting items I found. If you are interested, you should check it out, too.

  • Do you know that diamond is actually a commodity which is over-valued? Just like regular commodity, its value drops, when supply is high. This is why diamond resale value is low. You are not getting the money you spent, if you try to sell yours later.
  • “Chekhov’s Gun” principal by Anton Chekhov: “You mustn’t put a loaded rifle on stage if no one intends to fire it. You shouldn’t make promises.” The use of Chekhov’s Gun implies a certain number of things — for example that there’s something inherently dangerous. Someone will get hurt.

In particular, …

A special example of the Chekhov’s Gun is called The “Lottery Ticket.” Basically, a married couple believe they may have won the lottery. They go off in their fantasies about how they might spend the money and the husband’s imaginings are quite different from the wife’s. And by the end they’re miserable.

And he looked at his wife, not with a smile now, no, but with hatred. She glanced at him too, also with hatred and anger. She had her own daydreams, her own plans, her own reflections; she understood perfectly well what her husband’s dreams were. And she knew who would be the first to try to grab her winnings.

Chekhov always has his microscope on intimate relationships. And the sort of more superficial moral might be that you bring some kind of windfall into an intimate relationship like a marriage and you’re worse off in the end from it.

… We now have something to do with this … and we don’t know what to do with it that will make us both feel okay with it because now we both have such negative feelings about it that whoever wins is not really winning. You know, we’re both kind of losing, if that makes sense. …

… Keeping the … is just being a prisoner of the illusion. … to sell the …, and you might find someone else who’s a prisoner of the illusion …

Reference: Diamonds Are a Marriage Counselor’s Best Friend


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