Big Data and Predictive Analytics: Hope or Hype?

This article has a pretty good summary in these topics.

Reference: Big Data and Predictive Analytics: Hope or Hype?


TBT: Beautiful Victorian Data Visualizations

We love it when we come across great visual content from back in the day—it’s inspiring to see creativity evolve over centuries. While it may seem like infographics and data visualization are new trends triggered by the advent of technology, information design has been around for millennia. Take a look these great Victorian-era visualizations, compiled by BibliOdyssey, created between 1830 and 1890.

Reference: TBT: Beautiful Victorian Data Visualizations

Photographer Puts Pics Side By Side For Funny Results

This is photo manipulation at its most basic: Stephen McMennamy’s #combophoto project takes two pictures and aligns them as two halves that give a quirky whole. It relies more on photography than editing skills. Plus, it lets McMennamy indulge in his love for construction machinery.

Reference: Photographer Puts Pics Side By Side For Funny Results

Three reasons you need to run Spark in the cloud

The Big Data cloud solution has become so complicated that people can no longer set it up by themselves. This is very scary.

Reference: Three reasons you need to run Spark in the cloud

10 R packages for Machine Learning

Useful R resource for machine learning.

Reference: 10 R packages for Machine Learning

This startup created an algorithm that detects nude images online

Last month, Microsoft developed a fun algorithm at that guessed the age of the people in a given photo.

Now, one Seattle startup is doing something similar — with a little less clothing.

Algorithmia, a Seattle-based startup that builds a marketplace for algorithms, just debuted (safe for work), which can scan an image and detect whether or not the people in the photo are wearing clothes.

Reference: This startup created an algorithm that detects nude images online

A Look Inside Boston’s New ‘Expired’ Food Supermarket

We’ve all been in this confusing scenario: your milk in the fridge expires the day you want to use it. But is that its sell-by date? Best by? Use by? What does that expiration date really even mean?

All the confusion is one of the factors leading Americans to throw away about $640 worth of food every year, according to a survey out Wednesday from the American Chemistry Council.

Doug Rauch wants to change that number. As the former president of Trader Joe’s, he knows the ins and outs of the grocery world and just how much good food goes to waste in the current model.

Reference: A Look Inside Boston’s New ‘Expired’ Food Supermarket