Failure Is Your Friend: A Freakonomics Radio Rebroadcast

This is a re-run of an old podcast at Freakonomics Radio. It reminds us a cruel reality about us, fear to face failures. The phenomena is quite evident in the work of Business Intelligence (BI) as well.

The goal of BI is to disclose hidden opportunities to businesses so they can become intelligent to stay efficient and competitive. Unfortunately, due to the fear of failures and embarrassment, most people treat such opportunities as failures and choose to ignore them. They want BI to show the “good” side of their businesses to make them “look good”. I have been seeing these examples since the beginning of my career in BI. Even when I had interviews with companies, sometimes, they did not like my answers, because they want to make BI as their show-off tool. This has caused numerous missed opportunities, although I managed to make a few to succeed. After so many years, my advice remains the same, that is, to welcome and even embrace failures as challenges in order to excel.

Reference: Failure Is Your Friend: A Freakonomics Radio Rebroadcast


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