The color gap (in Dallas county)

The bar chart shows a big contrast of gender pay gap by ethnicity for the Dallas county in the US. Seniority seems to have more impact than ethnicity on the pay differences. The analysis would be much better, if seniority analysis were included.

More than 75 percent of black and Hispanic workers hired by the county since 2001 work in the bottom three pay scales. Meanwhile, whites are almost four times as likely to make six figures as blacks or Hispanics.

The lack of minorities in higher-paying jobs has created the appearance of a pay disparity, prompting county commissioners to vow to take action.

The median salary for black and Hispanic workers is about $41,000 a year. For white employees, the median is more than $54,300.

Much of the gap can be attributed to differences among racial groups in seniority and job types. Black and Hispanic workers generally are paid the same as whites with the same experience and similar jobs.

But many white employees have had longer tenures with the county and, as a result, make more money.

Reference: The color gap


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