Lack of data on gun violence is an embarrassment, researchers say

Public health research has helped the United States slash smoking rates, tackle the AIDS epidemic and reduce deaths from car accidents to some of their lowest levels in recorded history. The country needs to take the same approach with gun violence, say a growing number of experts.

Reference: Lack of data on gun violence is an embarrassment, researchers say


10 Web Scraping Tools

Use Cases of Web Scraping Tools:

  • Collect Data for Market Research
  • Extract Contact Info
  • Look for Jobs or Candidates
  • Track Prices from Multiple Markets


  • CloudScrape
  • Scrapinghub
  • ParseHub
  • VisualScraper
  • Spinn3r
  • 80legs
  • Scraper
  • OutWit Hub

Reference: 10 Web Scraping Tools

Open data sets you can use with R

R is an environment for programming with data, so unless you’re doing a simulation study you’ll need some data to work with. If you don’t have data of your own, the article made a list of open data sets you can use with R to accompany the latest release of Revolution R Open.

Reference: Open data sets you can use with R

Great Github list of public data sets

Another great listing of open data resource.

Reference: Great Github list of public data sets

Another List of Public Data Sets

Reference: Awesome Public Datasets on GitHub

Introduction slides to Linked Open Data

Slides to explain Linked Open Data publishing and reuse, explaining data, open data, linked data and linked open data.

Reference: Introduction slides to Linked Open Data

The Wolfram Data Drop Is Live!

Where should data from the Internet of Things go? We’ve got great technology in the Wolfram Language for interpreting, visualizing, analyzing, querying and otherwise doing interesting things with it. But the question is, how should the data from all those connected devices and everything else actually get to where good things can be done with it? Today we’re launching what I think is a great solution: the Wolfram Data Drop.

Reference: The Wolfram Data Drop Is Live!