Warehouse workers beware: These little robot helpers may be after your job

Check out the video link below. An interesting piece is that the Chinese manufacturers completely copy Amazon’s orange robots to handle its distribution centers.

Again, manufacturing automation and 3D printing is the trend.

Reference: Warehouse workers beware: These little robot helpers may be after your job


An Amazon ‘pick-up’ store may be coming to a college near you

9/14/15 Mailroom by Mei Buzzell Students mail waiting

It makes perfect sense for Amazon to set up physical stores, or join existing Barnes and Noble stores in college campus, due to its shipping convenience and popularity in colleges. This would eliminate the need for those colleges to set up distribution centers in their campus, which is an completely unnecessary infrastructure cost to them.

Some people even suggested Amazon to buy out Postal Services. This is another interesting idea but does not actually solve the package problems to those colleges, because they simply do not have the space and labor to handle those increasing packages.