Info Graphics with Excel

It’s interesting that some people come up new ideas of creating infographics in Excel. I wonder how data navigation is going to be supported!?

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What is Coming in SQL Server 2016 for Business Intelligence?

Starting with the development experience, SQL Server Development Tools (SSDT) and SQL Server BI Tools (BIDS) will finally be truly unified in Visual Studio.

Looking at the data mart or data warehouse side of things, SQL Server 2016 will include updateable nonclustered columnstore index support with columnar index in-memory or on-disk row store for deploying an operational analytics.

PolyBase is a distributed query capability that allows users to query non-relational data in Hadoop, blobs, files, and existing relational data in SQL Server without necessarily moving data.

Other SSIS enhancements include using Power Query as a data source for self-service ETL to enterprise ETL upgrade scenarios. … There is a new Azure Data Factory data flow task and new connectors for Azure Storage, Azure commandlets, OData Version 4, Hadoop File System (HDFS), JSON, and Oracle/Teradata connector V4 by Attunity. In 2016, SSIS also gets more usability improvements, incremental deployment options, custom logging levels, and package templates for ETL code reuse.

For your data stewards, the Master Data Services Add-in for Excel is now 15X faster and in 2016 will support bulk entity-based staging operations.

A warmly welcome and long overdue enhancement to SQL Server 2016 is in-database R predictive analytic functions.

SQL Server 2016 makes several enhancements to Analysis Services including improvements in enterprise readiness, modeling platform, BI tools, SharePoint integration, and hybrid BI. SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services also provides functional parity with SharePoint vNext and Excel vNext.

There are query engine optimizations that enhance performance for Direct Query, parallel partition processing, advanced modeling with bi-directional (many-to-many) cross filtering (already seen in Power BI Designer today), new DAX functions (DATEDIFF, GEOMEAN, PERCENTILE, PRODUCT, XIRR, XNPV) and other performance improvements.

Reference: What is Coming in SQL Server 2016 for Business Intelligence?

Cheat Sheet: Data Visualization with R

This article has a lot of good resources about data analytics tools.

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10 Incredible Works of Art Made in Microsoft Excel

While most see Microsoft Excel as endless blank rows and columns, others view it as a platform to bring their artwork to life. Some have managed to push the limits of the spreadsheet-making software that most of us try to avoid at all costs. From landscape masterpieces to recreations of our favorite video game characters, Excel has been unexpectedly used as a drawing tool to create some of the coolest illustrations.

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Some Excel BI myths debunked

It has a series of three articles. Links to them are provided below.

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    Some Excel BI myths debunked #2 – Inflexible Charting


    Some Excel BI myths debunked #3 – limited dashboards

PowerPoint 2013 Visualization

In the hierarchy of knowledge, data moves to wisdom in three steps:

  • From data to information by applying context
  • From information to knowledge through analysis
  • From knowledge to wisdom through action


New Ways to Visualize Your Data in Excel 2013

New Ways to Visualize Your Data

Three new charting tools in 2013 Microsoft Excel:

  • Histogram
  • Treemap
  • Streamgraph