Using Discussion Forum Activity to Estimate Analytics Software Market Share

The enclosed article shows an interesting view of the popularity of data analytics software based on LinkedIn and Quora.

Reference: Using Discussion Forum Activity to Estimate Analytics Software Market Share


Gartner 2015 Magic Quadrant

It is quite interesting how Microsoft jumps from a niche player to a visionary after it purchased Revolution Analytics, a company of R.


An infographic comparing R, SAS and SPSS

The R online training site DataCamp has created an infographic comparing R, SAS and SPSS. Provocatively titled “Statistical Language Wars”, the infographic compares the history, purpose, ease of learning, popularity and marketability of skills in each of the three systems.

Reference: An infographic comparing R, SAS and SPSS

End of SAS or SPSS? (Not yet.)

Forecast Update: Will 2014 be the Beginning of the End for SAS and SPSS?

With increasing popularity of R, more academic users are embracing R over other commercial statistics tools, such as SAS and SPSS. If more academic users are using R, they will tend to use the same software after they graduate and working in business. As a result, the article predicts that the end of SAS and SPSS is near. By reading the article, I do see a downward trend of both commercial software. However, I have yet to see the end. It is because some companies may not be able to change the software they use immediately, because they have a lot of legacy processes or people depending on them. Those commercial software also get more involved with commercial BI software to improve their chance of survival in the market. I would love to see the adoption of R to benefit both the academic and commercial communities in addition to other commercial offers.